What You Can Learn from Amber "the Bully" Brown

Balancing work, motherhood, and daily life is a crazy balance for any mom. But, if you’re a professional MMA fighter as well, that’s a whole other level of insanity. This week, I got the incredible opportunity to chat with Invicta’s own, Amber “the Bully” Brown, to talk a little bit about what drives her the most, how she finds time to juggle everything in her life and what sets her apart from the rest.

Fighting at Atomweight out of Albuquerque, NM, read on to dig into the life of this unstoppable lady.

First and foremost, what got you into MMA?
I started training to get into shape after having my daughter. I started with boxing only, and soon after decided to transition to MMA. It was just a lot more fun to me, and much more to learn.

How did you get your nickname, "the Bully"?
Going undefeated in amateur boxing, & just my aggressive fight style got me my nickname.

What is your training like? Is it easy or difficult for you to make weight?
I take my training very seriously. I train hard every day and have a very disciplined diet to make sure there are no problems making weight for a fight.

How do you mentally prep for a fight?
I go through every situation I possibly can in my head. You always have to stay focused. The second you lose it, you're losing the fight. I have built my mind to be strong just like my body.

Do you prefer to stand and bang? Or take it to the mat?

I feel comfortable wherever the fight ends up. I like standing and striking, and I also enjoy being on the mat. It doesn't matter!

What is your favorite submission?
I do not have a favorite submission, I respect it all.

How do you mentally come back from a loss?
Right now I am actually coming off 3 losses. I just keep reminding myself every day of what my goals are and why I do what I do. I have to keep moving forward no matter what happens.

Do you have a "dream fight"? If so, with who?
Right now, I don't have a dream fight. I just want to keep bettering myself every day.

As a full-time mom and MMA fighter; how do you find the balance for both?
Being a mom and fighter can be a lot, but I am thankful that my family loves the gym life as much as I do. My daughter wants to be just like her mama, so it is an awesome feeling having her part of this journey with me!

How about making time for yourself?
I really don't get much time for just myself, between being a fighter, mom, wife, and new gym owner. I am ok with it though! I enjoy my everyday life!

You've gone on the record to talk about your daughter's challenge with diabetes and how she personally has been utilizing martial arts, particularly grappling, as a means to overcoming and finding her own independence and strength. What advice do you have for mom's who may have children facing their own health challenges and how they can find some peace of mind in helping both their children and finding inner strength themselves?
I say to anyone facing any everyday challenge, even if they have health issues. Just never give up!!! Always follow your dreams and always work hard! We don't let anything we are having to deal with get in the way of our dreams and goals.

What do you want to be remembered for in the sport?

All I want for in my journey is just to be inspiring for others. I want others to know they can put their mind to anything they want, and with hard work and determination, it can happen!

Thank you so much for your time, Amber. It truly was a pleasure getting to chat with you, you are one inspiring woman and I wish you nothing but the very best in the future. Give 'em hell, girl! 


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