Why Is Everyone Talking About Shannon Sinn?

There is so much more the Invicta FC's, Shannon Sinn, than meets her awe-inspiring eyes. From track star to MMA star, I recently got the very incredible opportunity to chat with one of my all-time favorite female fighters and learn a little bit more about why everyone is talking about this bad ass beauty; and why if they aren't, they most definitely should be!

Image Courtesy of Scott Hirano
I know that you boast a huge passion and talent in track and field, what led you to get into martial arts?
I was not looking for martial arts specifically. I was looking for a good, hard workout that would keep me interested.

You turned pro back in 2014, what were some things that you learned from during your transition from amateur to pro?
Although I had always taken my training seriously, I realized that I would have to take it all to another level. Even in just that short amount of time the sport and competition has evolved so much. I decided to leave my full time job to be able to put everything I could into my career and dream.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
I am inspired by many. My family and coach/ boyfriend are my biggest inspirations.

Which team(s) are you training with to prepare for your next bout?
Grinders Fitness is my home team. I do a lot of cross training with 303 Training Center.

How do you train nutrition-wise to make weight? Is it easy or hard for you to maintain flyweight?
It has become surprisingly easy to make 125 lbs. Between camps I try to stay within 20 lbs of fight weight so I can take a short notice opportunity if it comes up. I am a foodie for sure but outside of fight camp I try to make more good decisions than bad. During my camps, I never feel like I'm starving and eat great food. There are so many ways to make some of your favorite foods healthy and clean. Eating well combined with the fact that I love cardio keeps me on point.

Do you prefer to stand with your opponents or take them to the ground?
Image Courtesy of Sherdog
In the beginning I preferred to stand with my opponents because I felt it made for a better fight for the fans. As I've grown in my training I've realized that is not the smartest path for my career and that the ground can be pretty entertaining as well. I will still do my best not to be in a boring fight but victory will be my priority.

What’s your favorite strike/submission to utilize in any fight?
I love body work whether it come from a knee or an awesome punch. When you can hear your opponent groan from it or see their face crumble from the shot it is very rewarding.

In terms of your game, is there anything in particular that you would like to improve on?
I always have room for improvement in every aspect of my game. I am never satisfied with where I'm at and I critique every one of my training sessions.

What does it mean for you personally to be a fighter?
Being a fighter for me allows me to push myself to new levels all the time. It makes me put myself in uncomfortable situations and forces me to deal with it. I thrive off of constantly being challenged. It has also given me the sense that I can get through a great deal of adversity and still be okay. Regardless of what happens win or lose; I will get up, learn, and move on.

What separates you from other fighters in your division?
Image Courtesy of MMA MadHouse
At this level everyone is extremely talented. I have a no quit mindset that will get me through the toughest of situations and I love to be challenged physically and mentally.

Do you have a dream fight? Who would it be with?
My dream is to be a World Champion…. Whoever that may be against is perfect to me.

At the end of your career, what would you like to be remembered for?
Not only do I want to be remembered as being an incredible fighter but I also want to be known as a remarkable woman outside of the cage. I hope to be able to inspire others and help bring attention to those in need.

Do you have any advice for young women or youth who are seeking to enter the sport?

Whether you are looking to compete, learn self-defense, or just looking for a workout, start now. I wish I would've found this sport much earlier in my life. Also, enjoy the journey this amazing sport can take you on. There are tremendous people in this sport you will cross paths with.


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