Make Change Happen! Here's How...

Being healthy does not have to be as trying a feat as the vast majority of us make it out to be. Let’s be real about it! It you want to be the better version of yourself, it all begins with you and the will power that you have in yourself to make change happen. Ready to get started? Here are 5 great tips to get you off to an awesome start!

Water Water Water!
Who hasn’t heard that the number one route to optimal health begins with the W-word. Love it or hate it, it is essential! The good news is that if you aren’t a huge fan of water, you can toss in some lemon for not only an awesome kick to your taste buds, but it also amps up the overall health benefits as well!

Tossing a slice of lemon into your water, first thing in the morning can significantly assist improving your immunity as the higher levels of vitamin C actually encourages digestion. Not to mention the fact that so many people feel tired and struggle to get going in the morning simply because they are dehydrated, adding some lemon is a super easy way to coax you drink more water and ward off that sluggish feeling. Just keep in mind that lemon has citric acid, which can erode your tooth enamel. To help avoid this drink lemon water with a straw and then rinse your mouth out afterwards in order to avoid the citric acid effects.

Rearrange your Fridge
When we get hungry, we often find ourselves grabbing the quickest and easiest snack that we can get our hands on. And more often than not, it is not the healthiest option. One great way to avoid this is to properly arrange your fridge by placing healthier foods front and center and keeping the more indulgent foods out of your view. For example, as opposed to keeping the fresh fruits and veggies in the crisper, cut them up for a quick grab and place them in clear containers at eye-level When you are standing in front of your refrigerator, you are already looking for something to eat, be sure to make it easier on yourself by opting for the healthier option because it is right in front of your face and ready to grab.
Workout at Work
Research has long proven that living a more sedentary lifestyle puts you at an increased risk of negative health effects when compared to those who are living a more active routine. Just because you are spending most of your time at the office does not need to mean that you have to sabotage your health. Here are some easy ways to get your body working even on the job!
Chair Squats: Stand about 6 inches in front of your chair and lower yourself down until your butt hits the edge, then stand back up. Repeat 10 times.

Book Press: Grab the heaviest book you can find around your office. Take your elbows overhead and hold the book behind your head, then slowly lower the book down by your neck and then extend your arms up. Keep elbows close to your ears. Repeat 10-20 times.

Go for a Walk: Grab your colleagues and go for a walk!

Get a Massage
According to a recent study conducted by Mayo Clinic, there are a number of benefits to massage that demonstrate that it is a highly effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension.
Massage can significantly reduce headaches and other pains due to the fact that we carry the vast majority of stress in our neck and shoulders. Best of all you don’t need a full on hour long massage to reap the awesome benefits, in fact 10-15 minutes works wonders. Just remember, massages are not intended for every body. If anything feels painful or uncomfortable it isn’t worth it.

Find a Buddy
Finding a health and fitness buddy can be a friend, colleague or even your spouse who can help to keep you accountable and on track with regards to working out and eating healthier meals. You and your buddy can help to motivate each other and stay on track to maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Sharing your goals with others makes you actually want to achieve them and you are both far more likely to stick with your new healthy way of life as you are enjoying your time together.

Stay positive and have fun. Remember to never get down on yourself if you fall off the wagon and find yourself missing a workout, not drinking enough water or even just not sticking with your diet. Total change takes time, but the more positive you keep your attitude and the faster you get right back on track the more success you will find in the long run!


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