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Interview with Simona Soukupova

Simona Soukupova is a world class fighter full of passion, power and pride. Fighting at atomweight, Invicta's own takes the time to share with us a bit about herself and what makes her so unique to the world of women's MMA.

How did you first get into the sport?
In my late twenties, I thought that get into sport might be something I would enjoy and MA was what I came across and started to love doing. Till then I was not very sporty…

How did you get the nickname “Lil Evil”?
I like when I learn wicked stuff that ends by submission or choke etc. When I am good at it and manage to apply the technique on someone I am happy and I smile. Because I enjoy to apply the technique/ finish people my team mates gave me this nickname.

What’s your favourite strike/submission to utilize in any fight?
I have no favourite ones. I like to finish people.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
myself, I have a lot to overcome and who I am turning into is what inspires me...

How do you train nutrition-wise t…