Summer's Here!!! ... Now What?

Hurray! Summer is finally upon us! Time for BBQ's. Sleeping in. Going to the nearest body of water. And of course, the number one thing that every parent dreads hearing, "MOM! I'm BOOOORED." 

Sure, we can keep our kiddos distracted by a number of things for the first few weeks... Sprinklers, picnics, trips to the park... Even hitting a local area water park or mini-golf course. But, come July all too often we find ourselves struggling to pull ideas out of a magic hat to keep our little ones smiling, active and actually doing something besides wasting their time in front of the TV. If you're beginning to reach your "I'm running low on ideas!!" breaking point, or are simply looking to avoid it in the first place, here are some awesome ideas to keep your little ones happy and moving all summer long!

  • Backyard Camping: You don't ever have to stray very far to sleep outside. If you have a tent, you have a place to put it up, right in your own backyard! There is just something magical about sleeping under the stars and telling ghost stories by flashlight that will give your kids a memory they will remember for years to come. 
  • Water Balloon Painting: This is a super fun outdoor activity that will not only create tons of laughs, but your child will also be creating a very cool masterpiece to keep! Head to your nearest craft store to pick up some paints and a canvas, and then swing to your local dollar store for some water balloons. To create your masterpiece, lay your canvas on some newspapers or prop up against something your don't mind getting splashed with paint. Fill up the balloons with different paint colors and let your kiddo fire at will! 
  • Hit the Trail: Finding a State Park (or local park) that is nearby may be all your need to clear your heads and get rid of some pent up cabin fever. Print out a wildlife Bingo card and try and locate some cool wildlife in the area! 
  • Water Tag: Arm yourself with some water guns and balloons. Fill a bucket with water as a refill station. And have a water tag fight with your kids. You will earn the merit badge for "Coolest Parent Ever" guaranteed. 
  • Keep Learning: When Fall arrives, the last thing you will want your children to experience is brain-drain from three months of doing nothing. Encourage them to keep learning with fun, printable online sheets, heading to the local library to pick out some books, or even heading to a local museum to cool off and warm up your brain! 
  • Make Ice Cream: Here's the Recipe! 
Summer is an incredible time of year, just don't let your kids take a 3-month vacation that is full of laziness and boredom. Get creative, get out and have fun! It doesn't have to take up your whole day, just be sure to make the time to enjoy the summer with your children and encourage them to stay active (mentally and physically!) 
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