Make a Fun Food Face!

Getting your kiddo’s to eat a balanced, nutritious meal can prove to be a highly difficult feat at times. And if you are reading this, it’s probably pretty safe to say that you’ve had the same argument with your kid’s that I have had with my own. I am incredibly lucky that my son at least is willing to try a wide variety of foods before he asserts that he doesn’t like them. Fair enough. But, when it comes down to the “I don’t like… I don’t want to eat…” battle, finding a middle ground can be stressful.
One of the best tips that can be shared is to simply have fun with your child’s food! When you branch out and make your child excited to get their hands on fun, colorful foods, they all too often will forget that they may actually be eating something that they thought they didn’t even like. One great tip to encourage your child to get their little hands on some healthy new foods is to make a silly face!

  • Color: Cut up fruits and veggies into bite-sized pieces, and design a silly face for your little one! Mix up the colors, the more the better! Fruits and veggies are full of vitamins and minerals that are vital to your child’s health and well-being.
  • Grains: Whole grains are packed with fiber. Incorporate a tortilla, bagel or peanut butter sandwich to round off your little one's fun platter face!
  • Protein: Opting to add peanut or almond butter to the platter is super easy to do by way of tossing it on top of your grains. Some other great options are greek yogurt (makes a perfect dip for the fruit!), hard-boiled eggs, nuts, cheese or even hummus!

Extra Tips:
1. Cut your child's sandwich into a circle by using a glass or jar. You can then cut it in half to make ears! You can even use the crust to make eyebrows.
2. To make a bow-tie, cut the sandwich into 4 square triangles.
3. If your child is still super picky about his or her fruits and veggie choices, try some vegetable or smoothie!
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