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Best Foods to Eat Before Yoga

Eating prior to and following yoga is of vital importance, and it is a commonly asked question to the majority of yoga practitioners. Unlike the vast majority of exercises, yoga is actually better when done on an empty stomach. In fact, you should space your last meal at least 3 hours prior to or following your yoga practice. That being said, there are also some specific foods that are perfect for yoga practice, and we will explore those foods and how they affect your practice in this brief article!
We had aforementioned the importance of maintaining a three hour time spread in between eating and yoga practice. Why is this so important? In three hours, your body has fully digested the majority of food which results in the empty stomach that is sought during yoga. During the three hours before your yoga practice, remember to not consume anything with the exception of lime juice or organic fruits. If you are finding yourself all but starving prior to your yoga practice, you can take the…