What is Bone Broth?

"Try this product or this new work-out! It will guarantee you to drop such and such amount of pounds!" You know the slogans all too well. And it seems that not a day goes by that we do not hear about the latest and greatest new trend out there that is supposed to have incredible benefits towards assisting you in reaching your weight loss goals. We saw countless ones in this past year alone, and apparently... we are not done just yet... The latest new trend that is beginning to sweep our western world is that of bone broth. What is it and how it is supposed to work is in these next few paragraphs; read on to find out more!
Well, as the product is really beginning to cause quite a stir, by way of the support of Gwyneth Paltrow as well as health magazines, there is very little backing as to the actual weight loss benefits that bone broth may have (with the exception that it is incredibly low in calories). However, there are some notable alternative benefits that can be found in the broth. For instance, when you simmer the bones to make the broth, calcium, vitamin D, collagen, connective tissues (which adds significant amounts of protein) and other nutrients are released into the water making the broth a pretty powerful (albeit surprising) super food! There are even benefits in terms of the healing properties that the bone broths has. For instance, many who began incorporating it into their diets noted notable changes in an ease of their joint pains as well as some digestive issues.

You may be asking yourself, what exactly is bone broth? I have heard many that are simply put off by the name itself. However, bone broth really is similar to that of chicken stock/broth. It is based on the simple and traditional art of boiling animal bones to extract the goodness within.

So, how is the broth made? The process is incredibly simple. Simply put the animal bones of your choice into boiling water and throw in some of your favorite vegetables. Celery, carrots, Brussels sprouts, and green beans are all delicious and low-calorie options to add in to your broth. Throw in some apple cider vinegar for an added treat and you are in business! Just skip on the noodles. The added carbs really would devoid the bone broth of its unique and natural values. Let the bone broth boil for as long as you care to, however keep in mind that the longer you boil however, the more nutrients will be released (thus resulting in a deeper, darker colored, as well as much more flavorful broth). It has been advised to boil the broth upwards of 24 hours for full and significant benefits.

While of course you can simply drink the broth itself, you can also utilize it (and gain the incredibly significant benefits) by cooking with the broth. Pour some over the top of your vegetables that you are sauteeing, or even as a yummy addition to chicken or other meat. It really can be a great addition to your meals (with excellent health benefits!).

Be wary of store bought versions however. Keep a sharp look-out for high sodium content. You really do not need the added 150 grams (per serving!) that the store bought versions boast. Keep watch for the lower sodium options for the best added benefits. And always opt for the “free of MSG” options as well. Remember that your best bet for bone broth will always be to keep it simple and just make your own, that ensures that you know exactly what (and how much!) you are putting into your body.

While bone broth may not necessarily be the “next best thing” on the market in terms of its significant weight loss benefits, the benefits that bone broth has in its entirety in terms of your over all health really is showing promise for our livelihoods! And sometimes that is the best option to set us back on track to our overall health, which of course, ties directly into our goals of losing weight, keeping it off, and finding ourself both happy and healthly!


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