Top 5 Ways to Help Kids Develop Healthy Eating Habits!

Getting kids to eat healthy can be incredibly difficult, especially if they are already adapted to an unhealthy eating regime. If you've found that your family has gotten caught in the tangled web of unhealthy eating, these Top 5 Tips will help get your family back on the right track! 

1. Clear Out the Junk Food: If your kids don't have access to junk food, they won't find themselves reaching for it. Be sure to practice what you preach and make healthy choices for yourself. 

2. Opt for Whole Grains: Keep whole grains in your home. Pretzels, bread, tortillas and whole grain cereals are packed with fiber and provide lasting energy (like your kids need it!) throughout the day. 

3. Play with Your Food: Use cookie cutters to make shapes out of cheese slices, sandwiches, etc. You can even make fruit kabobs or even show your little guys how to use chopsticks to pick up diced fruit! 

4. Promote Independence: Keep your fridge and cabinets loaded with healthy choices that you allow your kids to eat. Keep fruits and veggies in an easily accessible spot so that they can freely make healthy choices for themselves. 

5. Make a Snack Zone: Limit snacks areas so that your kids won't connect snacking with being lazy. For example, instead of allowing them to pig out while playing video games, where they are more likely to mindlessly eat while loading up on unneeded calories, opt for the kitchen table where you guys can sit and snack while having some good conversation. 

Remember, kiddos learn by example, if you aren't living a healthy lifestyle, why should they? Make healthy choices for yourself to ensure that they follow in your footsteps and learn to develop healthy eating habits as well!  Vote For Me @ The Top Mommy Blogs Directory
Vote For Me @ The Top Mommy Blogs Directory


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