Is Physiyoga Yoga for You?

Physiyoga has been making headlines around the world thanks in part to former “Sex and the City” actress, Kim Cattrall. Popularly, called by its nickname, “Fizzy Yoga”, or by its more proper name of “Physio-Yoga” or “Physiyoga”, this new form of yoga is not only changing people's lives, but in the words of Kim, “saving” people's lives.

In a recent interview with The Times UK, Kim, 56, describes how physiyoga helped to heal her body while she was working on in London for three months while performing in Tennessee Williams' “Sweet Bird of Youth”. In suffering from an on-stage accident she developed large bruises on her body and a tremendously sore right knee. Kim then decided to begin seeking out options in terms of helping her body to heal, and her search led her directly to physiyoga.

You may find yourself asking, what precisely physiyoga is. Physiyoga is a one-on-one instruction that incorporates aspects of both yoga and physical therapy. One session (generally 50-60 minutes in length) provides a combination of massage, yoga, physiotheraputic adjustments, and meditative breathing, and can burn roughly 300-600 calories per session, which is about double that of a regular yoga session. However, burning calories is not the sole purpose of the nature of physiyoga... bodily healing and restoration is. Clients are evaluated prior to their first session, to ensure they are getting the most out of their time spent with their trainer. Physiyoga is, simply put, about the realignment, strengthening, adjustment, and healing of the muscles, whether from an injury or just the strain of time itself.

So, is physiyoga right for you? Well, it all depends on exactly what aspect you are trying to get out of it. If you are seeking for an alternative, new form of yoga, to help you burn some calories, and learn new poses, then no, physiyoga is not a good option for you. Physiyoga is literally a cure-all in terms of bodily pain. If you find yourself suffering from back pain, joint pain, depression, stress and anxiety, nerve pain, migraines or headaches, high blood pressure, stiffness or even sciatica, then most definitely, physiyoga is something you should look in to. Physiyoga has also been credited to creating better posture, for people who spend a tremendous amount of time in front of the computer, with the incorporation of massage and yoga poses, posture and balance are improved, and back pain is virtually eliminated. Fibromyalgia and Multiple Sclerosis sufferers are also finding hope and help in terms of the elimination of their pain and restoration of the bodies, minds, and souls.

The one-on-one benefits of physiyoga are unbeatable as well. The sessions ensure that you are the sole focus of your instructor, and that the healing of your body based upon your individual and unique needs is priority number one for your trainer. You are not placed in a large classroom with an instructor simply guiding you through the poses and potentially not even correctly them if you are not doing them properly, but in physiyoga your needs are met first and foremost, and in a private manner that ensures your are receiving the utmost care and consideration.

While physiyoga is still relatively new to the vast world of yoga and healing, more and more yoga instructors are seeing the benefits of physiyoga and looking at incorporating it into their yoga studios by way of training and certification. And vice-versa, more and more physical therapists are looking into obtaining their yoga certification as well. It may take some time and research in finding a certified physiyoga trainer in your area, but I can guarantee you that the benefits for the healing of your body will be well worth your time.  

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