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Top 5 Ways to Help Kids Develop Healthy Eating Habits!

Getting kids to eat healthy can be incredibly difficult, especially if they are already adapted to an unhealthy eating regime. If you've found that your family has gotten caught in the tangled web of unhealthy eating, these Top 5 Tips will help get your family back on the right track! 

1. Clear Out the Junk Food: If your kids don't have access to junk food, they won't find themselves reaching for it. Be sure to practice what you preach and make healthy choices for yourself. 

2. Opt for Whole Grains: Keep whole grains in your home. Pretzels, bread, tortillas and whole grain cereals are packed with fiber and provide lasting energy (like your kids need it!) throughout the day. 

3. Play with Your Food: Use cookie cutters to make shapes out of cheese slices, sandwiches, etc. You can even make fruit kabobs or even show your little guys how to use chopsticks to pick up diced fruit! 

4. Promote Independence: Keep your fridge and cabinets loaded with healthy choices that you allow your…

Martial Arts and Yoga---Can the Two Co-Exist?

In the world's of yoga, and martial arts can it be said that these two very opposing forces can ever collide?
An astounding number of studios and dojos are incorporating both aspects of yoga and martial arts and encouraging those who practice both fields to broaden their horizons and experience something new and different, and in turn helping to develop their skills in terms of their choice of practice. There are many differences between yoga and martial arts, but there are also several important likenesses, and these striking similarities can in turn play important roles within each other, creating a very beautiful thing...

Originating centuries ago, in 527 A.D., a Buddhist monk from India named Bodhidharma, traveled to China and met with the Emperor, Wu Di, who did not particularly agree with his viewpoints, and thus sent him away. He was led to the Henan Province, where he found monks who were being repeatedly attacked by raiders and bandits and they had no training in which to …

All About Ticks--- Yoga for Lyme Disease

With a recent rise in Lyme disease associated with affected deer ticks in the United States. I wanted to take the opportunity to discuss the history of Lyme disease, what exactly Lyme disease is, the effect that it has on your body and how the often painful physical symptoms can be treated with the practice of yoga.

Lyme disease was only discovered in 1975, when a group of mothers from Lyme, Connecticut, and surrounding areas found it strange that all of their children had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. They brought their questioning to the attention of area researchers and upon study they discovered that what had appeared to be rheumatoid, was in fact an entirely different strain of bacteria, which in turn they dubbed, “Lyme disease”, in 1982.

Lyme disease is a bacterial illness that is spread via deer ticks who carry a particular bacteria in their stomachs called, “spirochete” or by it's scientific name of Borrelia Burgdoferi, which causes the Lyme disease, upon a tic…

How Does Alcohol Affect Weight Loss?

For those of you who are trying to lose weight, you may have found that one of the biggest hurdles that you face comes in the way of alcoholic beverages. Whether it is a glass of wine on date night or hitting the town with your pals, more often than not when it comes to going out you will most likely be faced the the choice to drink, and if so, to be sure you are making the best choice to help you succeed in reaching your weight loss goals. This article is aimed to address specifically the forementioned concerns and help you make the right selection next time you reach for an adult beverage!

It is of vast importance to remember that if you are trying to lose weight... even the slightest bit... that you need to be excrutiatingly careful in making the choice to pick up the bottle, glass or can. The wrong choice, or even too much of the right choice can greatly hinder your ability to make wise choices. Why? Well, for starters, estrogen is released into your body in greater amounts, thus …

Is Physiyoga Yoga for You?

Physiyoga has been making headlines around the world thanks in part to former “Sex and the City” actress, Kim Cattrall. Popularly, called by its nickname, “Fizzy Yoga”, or by its more proper name of “Physio-Yoga” or “Physiyoga”, this new form of yoga is not only changing people's lives, but in the words of Kim, “saving” people's lives.

In a recent interview with The Times UK, Kim, 56, describes how physiyoga helped to heal her body while she was working on in London for three months while performing in Tennessee Williams' “Sweet Bird of Youth”. In suffering from an on-stage accident she developed large bruises on her body and a tremendously sore right knee. Kim then decided to begin seeking out options in terms of helping her body to heal, and her search led her directly to physiyoga.

You may find yourself asking, what precisely physiyoga is. Physiyoga is a one-on-one instruction that incorporates aspects of both yoga and physical therapy. One session (generally 50-60 minut…