Stop Making Excuses: 3 Easy Tips for Successful Weight Loss

All too often we find ourselves making excuses for not being able to lose weight and get our body's healthy! If you are looking to lose weight fast, and are feeling a bit lost as to your best options. Stop making excuses! In this brief article, I will be providing you with an overview of a three-step program which is an easy to follow solution for the fastest, and most effective weight-loss solution to fit your needs!

For the vast majority of people who find themselves struggling to lose weight, if you happen to ask them what the number one issue is that is causing them hardships, you will find that the most common answer is hunger and dieting. That being said, as difficult as it may seem the first step that you need to take in order to reach your weight loss goals is to eliminate sugar and starches (or carbohydrates). Insulin is your main fat storage hormone and when your insulin levels drop fat is more likely to remove itself from the fat storage and your body in turn winds up burning fat instead of carbohydrates. Another added benefit to lowering your insulin levels is the ability for your kidneys to remove excess water and sodium from your body, thus leading to reduced bloating and water weight. The best part about cutting out sugar and carbohydrates? The majority of people who do so, find that they have lost upwards of 10 lbs in their first week of doing so! Additionally, when your insulin levels are lowered you will find that your appetite will be decreased and you can lose that unnecessary weight while remaining comfortably full!

The next step in fast (and safe) weight loss is to fuel your body with proteins, good fats, and low-carb vegetables. Every meal that you consume should include each of these food groups. Some of your protein options may include, grass-fed beef, chicken, pork, lamb, salmon, trout, and pasturized or Omega-3 eggs. Protein is considered to be a macronutrient which contributes to feeling fuller and longer while at the same time speeding up your metabolism. Some of your low-carb veggies may come in the way of broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, kale, swiss chard, brussels sprouts, lettuce, cucumber, celery, cabbage, etc. Feel free to load up your plate, you can eat hefty amounts without having to worry about going over your daily recommended limit of 20-50 net carbs daily. Did you know that from a scientific stand-point, your body actually has virtually no physiological need for grains in one's diet. If you are eating three meals a day, and are still finding yourself hungry, feel free to add a fourth meal. Be sure to add those healthy fats as those are going to be the ones to really fill and fuel you up. Some healthy fats to consider are unsalted butter, olive oil, and coconut butter. The important thing to remember here is if you are going low-carb, going low-fat too is a recipe for disaster. You will find yourself feeling sluggish and will eventually simply abandon the diet entirely. The best healthy fat to cook with is coconut oil. It provides rich fats called Medium Chain Triglycerides that are filling and can assist in speeding up your metabolism!

And finally, we come to the ever important way to lose weight...exercise! While you do not necessarily need to exercise while eating healthy and consistent to the forementioned diet advice we have made note of, it is certainly recommended! Just 3 to 4 times per week can help speed along your weight loss goals at a much faster rate. Always remember to warm up, you can then lift weights, do cardio, whatever you fancy, and then always make sure you cool down and stretch. Lifting weights and cardio (or a combination of both) will blast away unwanted calories, while increasing your energy levels and raising your feel-good endorphines. You can even incorporate things you enjoy for instance running or jogging, walking, hiking, swimming, anything to get you moving and motivated. Exercise and diet no longer have to be inconveniences that we absolutely dread. And in simply taking a positive outlook on not only our weight loss goals, but our overall health can absolutely change how we look, as well as how we feel.


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