Crow Pose

I remember the first time I attempted Crow Pose. I was terrified of balancing myself, and contorting my body in such a seemingly difficult way. My body was also still healing from a gymnastics injury, and I was incredibly scared of re-injuring myself.

After several attempts, of struggling to get my feet off the floor and trying hard not to fall over on my face, I got angry at myself and quit.

I did not try again until later that evening, during my pre-bedtime yoga routine. My inner voice told me calmly, try again. I slowly got into position and lifted my body freely into a perfect balance. Granted, it lasted about 2 seconds, but I did not fall, I lowered myself back onto my feet and tried again. And again. And again. And over the course of several days, I found myself able to hold the position longer, breath easier, and enjoy the pose and it's wondrous and unique benefits.

It all started with listening to my inner voice, and instead of getting frustrated, allowing and trusting my body to accomplish what it already knew it could do... just was not ready for.

What about you? What was the first yoga pose that you tried, and failed, and then tried again with success? Doesn't that sound a lot like life? When we give in so easily, we get nothing done. But, in trying again with focus and determination, we build ourselves up with success and trust.


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