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SUP Yoga!

Ever wanted to try yoga on water? 

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SUP Yoga

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What is Capoeira?

I'll be honest, I'm very much intrigued by the martial art, Capoeira. I was first introduced to Capoeira (please hold your laughter), by the Tekken character Christie Monteiro, with whom I can dominate any fight (save from my husband fighting as Hwoarang). In seeing matches first-hand and learning more about the historical significance of the dance-style of fighting, I thought it would be interesting to share the implicit beauty of this striking and mysterious martial art.
The history of Capoeira's roots is an interesting one. First originating in Brazil by African slaves in the 17th century, it became a form of defense against the slaves' oppressors, and once it was discovered as a form of self-defense Capoeiristas were punished, often to the point of death. It was at that point when Capoeiristas thus began to disguise their practice by singing and clapping thus leaving outsiders to assume that they were simply celebrating or performing a particular entertaining aspec…

Yoga and Native American Culture

There is often such a negative outlook on Native American culture in the United States. So many have "outsiders" perceive our tribes as mysterious, shady, lazy, alcoholics, racist... I have heard virtually every term in the book, and marrying someone who is not of Native heritage, but grew up in a small town near a reservation, he is quite familiar with Native culture, I have heard even more of these incorrect perceptions. As is the case of every other culture and race in the world, we do have people of similar descent that do in fact, "give us a bad name".

But, we also have the leaders. The ones who are driven by such a strong force of positivism that can not be reckoned with. I was curious as to yoga within the Native American culture, as I am well aware that there are of course Natives who practice regular yoga, I was intrigued if there were any Native's who were actively taking measures to push yoga into tribal schools, or in the local gym or community cent…

How Yoga Saved My Son

My son is incredibly active, and quite honestly, has fits often when he is told no, or feels we are “not listening” to him. My husband and I were getting to our wits end after trying numerous things, from ignoring his tantrums, time-outs, taking his toys so he can earn them back, homeopathic remedies, you name it we tried it. But, the one thing that I found myself overlooking, was the one thing, that actually ended up not only helping him cope with his emotions, but allowed us all to connect on an entirely different level as a family. My epiphany came a few weeks ago as I sat at my desk in our home working, while my son hopped around to his “Wiggles” DVD. Watching him dance and sing, and just be happy in his own little world, brought a sense of grace, and “proud mama” moment that almost brought tears to my eyes. Then he saw me watching him and a fit ensued. “Stop WATCHING ME! Don't SMILE at me!” and he stomped off to his room. Hanging my head, I started brainstorming ideas of wh…